Monday, January 2, 2012

Pictures Around the House and Elsewhere

My youngest grandson, Shadow,  with his new haircut and Christmas chewy toy. He holds still better than any of the other kids...can you believe it?????

 Emma was again the Christmas Child handing out gifts.

The 2 of the younger kids in their family...Em and Alex playing Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Brittany with her Fantasia Collectors CD...just what she put on her list.

We have no idea who this person is with the Steeler's hat on....classy!

For some reason, Erin escaped my camera shots! So this is from an earlier outing to Wicked with me.

And we all love this one....such a sweet smile!

Lovin' everyone.

It's been very busy around here with CHA projects. I've gotten several done and I'm so happy with the Ranger Designers Challenge. Very fun project!!!

But I will get back in a bit with some fun pics or techniques. If you have any requests, let me know.

Skyped with "the t!mster" tonight, and you guys are going to FLIP over all the new and wonderful things coming out....


I mean it!!


Have a great New Year and if you're in the freezing Midwest or now the East Coast....where ever you are .....

Stay Warm and Create ART!



Cheryl said...

beautiful photos hun,happy new year once again,love hugs cherylxxxx

Two Dog Pond said...

Looks like a wonderful holiday season! Happy 2012!

Debby said...

Nice pictures. Wish you could spill the beans on what you skyped but I know better. I want to see Dyan's new products too. Like the paints and sprays???

Elaine A said...

Hi Linda -

So glad you enjoyed the Christmas Holiday with the "Little Ones". Not quite so little anymore - LOL! They all look like they were having fun.
And stop teasing about all the goodies Tim has for us! Kidding aside, thanks for the heads up, will start gathering the millions I'll need to purchase Tim's stuff. I say millions, cause you know that CHA always leads from one purchase to another - LOL! I know its not millions, but the way the hubby carries on, you would thing it was!

Elaine Allen

Lynn Stevens said...

looks like a Great time with the Family and thats what its all about!

Linda, Wishing you a new year of Health Happiness and lots of creativity!
hugs Lynn

Nicole Gamble said...

You are very lucky! You have a beautiful family!