Monday, October 3, 2011

Butterfly Bracelet with Vintaj

I was so impressed with Jess's fantastic bracelet using the large Butterfly, that I had to try one for myself.

You can see hers called Enchanted Path here.

Curving the pieces and adding the the jumprings to new holes that you punch with a 2 hole screw punch made for a challenging engineered project.

I am not a jewelry artist, so I struggle with the concept of getting it all to lay right, and at the same time, look fairly nice....and FIT!

The main pieces are found on this page @Vintaj. I used the Acorn Leaves on the back, the Butterfly Grandeur for the main piece, and the Deco Vines Filigree cut in half.

All were sanded and polished with the outstanding Metal Reliefing Block. It makes a world of difference in the contrasting of the pieces.

You can really see what it does here in this detail.

So find some great pieces and play with them. I got some great DecoEmboss Folders from Hobby Lobby last week. They are SOOOOOO COOL!!!!


Here's a few blanks I had to emboss.

Will maybe have time to put something together before I head up North to see the fantastic people @Creative Cuts and Crafts this weekend!!!! Classes are ready to go!  WHOO HOO!

Can't wait to see everyone again!!!  It's supposed to be a gorgeous Indian Summer week.

Bill can walk the bike trail out back and then hit the bakery next door.

Sounds like a plan to me!!!



  1. Beautiful bracelet. Thanks for your help with the Vintaj blog. Now I need to be able to make something. Had fun embossing and coloring with paint and inks.

  2. No problem Debby, I'm here to serve and enable!


  3. Oh wow Linda your bracelet is out of this world gorgeous. How clever. x

  4. This is absolutely stunning, Linda! Just love that metal...the details are amazing!

  5. Linda, your butterfly bracelet is beautiful! Love it! I don't know that I've seen the big butterfly...I'll have to check that out!! You did a fabulous job! <3 Candy

  6. Wow, Linda!!! The bracelet is gorgeous!!!!

  7. Your bracelet is a beauty! I've never made jewelery other than a simple bead bracelet, but this makes me want to try. I will be attending one of your classes at Creative Cuts and Crafts this weekend (my first time for a class with you) and I am really looking forward to meeting you! See ya!

  8. Gorgeous! I'd love to take a Vintaj class sometime. Did get some products last to play a bit with them. Hope I pick up some of your creativity!

  9. Beautiful! What a wonderful project. Embossed metal is so cool, too, isn't it!

  10. Love the bracelet! Gotta get that Butterfly

  11. OMG! Gorgeous bracelet Linda. I love it, you've done a fabulous job. I'd wear this in a heartbeat!!

    Elaine Allen


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