Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Soccer is in their BLOOD!

It's gonna be a busy place around here for awhile.

Now there's 2 girls in Soccer, mom's doing her masters, dad's band is practicing 2 nights a week, Erin's on 2 teams and in jazz band and jr. hi band....though she's only in 5th grade, then there's all the practices for games.........and I'm trying to get classes kitted up with 3 more new classes coming up!!!!!!!!!!!

WHEW! Not enough hours in the day!!!!!!!

But I wouldn't miss it for the WORLD! This is about the age her dad started playing. And she loves it.

Miss Erin is in the ZONE here, getting ready to hit the field. They had a SUPER game! She played against her bff Dee. At one time they were both in goal. Fun game.

She's not much into getting her picture taken today....so we'll move on to Em.

She never gives up and she's always after the ball......even when she's on defense.........she's following the ball to the goal. She did better at playing her position 2nd half.

This was our defense in the 4th quarter..........it's been a long day with school starting and all. PRICELESS!!!!

"Boy, all that  running 1st half really wore me out, how "bout you?" 

"Yeah, maybe we should sit down and rest for awhile since they're on the other end of the field."

"Or we could discuss strategy for a bit.....that number 8 is really fast. You mark up with her on the throw-in next time....."

So much fun. And they grow up so fast.

Love them to pieces.



misteejay said...

What lovely photos to have as a reminder of this time in their lives.

Toni xx

Angie Lentz said...
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Candy C said...

Linda...your granddaughters are darling! Aren't grandchildren just THE BEST?! My little guys aren't quite to the team sports age yet but it will be here before you know it. I am sure I will be just like you....won't miss a game! :) Have fun teaching! I am sure you classes will be amazing! <3 Candy

Angie Lentz said...

Wow you are so busy! Don't know how you keep up with everything.

Lynn Stevens said...

What great photos and memories to last a lifetime. They sure do grow up fast!
hugs Lynn