Friday, August 5, 2011

A Little Bit of This and That....

RANGER has some product boards up on the blog today. I see 3 projects of mine on them. Bet you can't guess which ones are mine. A is cut and rolled and layered and shrunk.

I'm getting ready to go to Stamper's Ink next Friday for 3 fun classes !!!! Things are pretty well packed as far as kits go.

And I'm bringing my stash of Cornish Heritage Farms Stamps with me...I LOVE THEM. Tanya recently bought them out. Fabulous quality red rubber stamps. You can play with them in class if you want.

Judy and I are going to Kansas!!! She's a lot more fun than Toto, Dorothy.

And in the mean time, I'm wracking my old brain to put together the 3 fall classes for Elmhurst and Ankeny. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going to Creative Cuts and Crafts and Memory Bound. Two are done....third is on my worktable. Check the dates on the sidebar.

The one that is done is the Standing Curio that I've had so many people as me to do for a class. I finally got the supplies and we're going to pull it off!!! Embossed metal, wood, paint, wire, bottles and vintage nails....did I say nails?

Sneak Peek!      This is the upper 3rd of the Curio.  The bottom is full of ephemera.

I hear the boxes of new stuff coming in is get out there and check out the things coming in at your stores! Keep them going, be good to them. I love Michael's and Hobby Lobby, but can they show you HOW to do something, work with a product, DEMO something you're interested in?????

I ask you.........what would it be like WITHOUT your hometown's not a pretty picture.

OK....down from the soapbox.

Next..........if you want to see an OUTSTANDING tutorial of Faux Crazed Porcelain...check out Shelly Hickox blog here, or the Inspiration Emporium blog here. Leave her some love. IT IS SO COOL!


Shelly Hickox said...

You are too kind! That's high praise coming from you. I SO wish we could have gotten together in KC. Maybe someday we will get to hang out!

misteejay said...

Gosh I wish I was your side of the Pond - I might get a chance to attend some of these fab classes.

Toni xx

Wanda H said...

I am looking forward to you coming back to Ankeny on a weekend I can be there!!!!! Is there a date yet? I already saw Shelly's tutorial... very cool!!!!

Meme said...

Your so AWESOME!

Mary Luxa said...

No Kidding!!! That tutorial on the porcelain stuff was great!!! I've been down in my art cave ever since (well, a few breaks for work and food) and have loved using this technique. This gal is a genius!