Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cabinet Cards from Kansas

Well Judy and I had a great time in Kansas at Stampers Ink.

Tanya and Corrina were a hoot! Extremely fun gals. Corrina and I share a whole lot of things we like.

The store is big and FULL of things to buy....I LOVED the drawer full of cabinet cards! They are something I am always on the lookout for. The little gal here is from the ton of cards Tanya has. Don't you love the Cupie Doll?

We talked and talked and talked......all the way to and from Shawnee!!! We had great weather all the way until we hit the Kansas City limits...and then it was a torrential downpour!

BUT we persevered and on we went. We had the ATC class that night and you would not believe the different little pieces that came from that class.
We met some really talented people.

By far, one of my favorites was from Antoinette! Oh my word is that gal talented!!!! You would not believe the pieces she created in class...........brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! And she's One of Our Finest in Uniform, a Veteran! God love her!!!

We had a mother and daughter duo in the 2 canvas classes.....I am horrible with names. So wish I had remembered my camera. It was safe and sound at the hotel...duh!

Anyway, they went to Michael's on the lunch break and came back with 2 fantastic 8x8 black shadow boxes that fit the projects perfectly!!! They were so happy...and I think they were amazed at how cool their canvases looked in the frames. They put their Artful Dwellings in theirs.

So off I went...and I actually found 8x8 black shadow boxes at WalMart!!! Eight bucks! Can you believe it? They fit perfect, and look so nice on the wall. (the glare is bad here, but the glass keeps your piece dust free!!!)

So if anyone has taken these classes from's a great idea on how to display your work!!!

I am ready to go to Scrapaganza now!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait to see my old buddies there! I was born across the river in Rock Island, so we always love it when we can go and drive in familiar territory.

(At least I do)

The Metal Embossed Canvas class is sold out, but I think there are a couple of seats left in the Chunky ATC.

Hope to see you there!!!!



misteejay said...

What a beautiful finished project Linda - that frame sets off the pieces perfectly.

Toni xx

Charlene E. said...

And I thought that was a picture of you and your cupie doll, LOL! I unfortunatley will not be at the Scrapaganza classes. I am totally bummed :( and just too busy.

Colleen said...

New to your blog, but so looking forward to the classes at Scrapaganza. Can't wait to learn some new things.

SarahA said...

Looking forward to your Scrapaganza class!!

SarahA said...

Great class Linda! Love them both!!