Sunday, January 2, 2011

Who wants some BRAND NEW Stickles???

Is this a cool color or WHAT?????

Ranger has some brand new STICKLES coming out for CHA-W and you can win some. Just jump over to the blog here and vote for the color that you think best describes this luscious new bottle.

They have other "knock your socks off" colors ( I'm particularly fond of the of the Paprika and Lagoon). Nine new colors in all.

So don't just sit there, JUMP and vote, and have a chance to win!

Be Well and CREATE ART!


  1. Sweet! Thanks for the head's up on the new products. L O V E!

  2. Just "jumped" over to Ranger's blog and voted! Thanks for giving us this sneak peek at the new colors! They are all wonderful!

  3. Thanks for the heads up Linda.

    Elaine Allen

  4. That looks so edible! Like opening a tangerine on the beach on a sunny morning...yum!

  5. thanks for the heads up ...i'm heading over now!

  6. ha! That's funny, those are the same two colors I was drawn to..great minds and went with Tropical Tangerine...and I it looks like others were too! lol!

  7. Thanks for the behind the scenes info. You are like 007 for tim and Ranger. Super cool!

    See ya gotta hop over to Ranger for some cool I hear!

  8. Left my suggestions. Hope I win!!! Miss u my little friend. Peoria next Monday. Stop by over the noon hour to see you??


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