Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Template-what do you think?

I decided to change the look of my blog. It's been the same for years.

I guess I like it. But I lost my site counter, and that distressed me. Hopefully I'll figure that out. The colors from previous posts may hurt your eyes a bit...

You always have to be open to change. Bend with the wind, and be flexible. I learned that at the "phone company" years ago....and I mean years....when everything went to a paperless society and computers.

MANY, MANY people hated it, and refused to try. Needless to say, they made themselves miserable.

So talk to me, let me know what you think. And we'll see if this works. And another thing I noticed...I can't enlarge the text as I'm writing. I guess I'll have to get over that!!!!! Oh, and I can't change the color either....waahhhh!



  1. Linda,

    Your blog looks beautiful, but then it always did! Just a note, a few of the titles on the right column are very light and get lost on the new background.

  2. This is just too buzy for me. When I scroll down the page I get dizzy. I don't know where to focus. Hate to be a nay sayer, but let your art show through, the new background is stealing from the main attraction... your beautiful work.

  3. If you like it stay with's your blog and your choice!

  4. Yes, but Donna had a point...I changed it again. Never have been good at making up my mind.

  5. Can I vote for the old background ... change is good ... I like the challenge that comes with it ... but I think it has to be very special art to stand out on a solid background ... and yours does ... every time ... so I am voting for the old one back X

  6. I always liked how your art and the colorful typing popped against the black background. This is a pretty one, but it is a little busy. And the gray/blue behind the text is a little boring.


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