Monday, August 30, 2010

Busy Day....

...let's see, this morning I got to play with my Graphic 45 Halloween in Wonderland 8x8 paper stash. Cutting away and arranging things all day yesterday. Today I got to start gluing....don't you just love the colors in these papers?????????????????

Then at 2:30 it was time for Erin. We've got a schedule going here. It works pretty well. But after she hits the door.....everything changes. We did homework, walked the dog, played 3 games of Crazy 8's....that she won, then she helped make spaghetti with Poppie and was off to Soccer practice.

The little one comes in next....spaghetti, makes brownies with Poppie, takes a bath, then off to the After Hours in Peoria to have the doctor look a boo boo on her eye. She's fine, but then it had to start pouring. Mom was there to meet us and that's a good thing.

So, now, "peace and quiet and open air"...oh I got carried away with West Side Story there for a minute. This is the bracelet I keep telling you about. I got it at CHA in Anaheim. Always makes me smile and remember what's important every day. Remember to Play!!!!

These gorgeous earrings were my purchase at the Lincoln Art Festival Saturday. They're copper etched pieces that have been either torched or colored somehow. The artist was so busy, I forgot to ask him. BUT, the cool thing is the triangular copper piece is from a roof that was destroyed by Katrina that he somehow managed to get and has used in his jewelry. A sad piece of history on each ear.

That's it for today. Maybe, just maybe I'll get the Halloween piece done tomorrow and get more shots up. It's kinda cool if I do say so myself. At least it's been fun!!!!
And I Remembered to Play!


  1. That bracelet is perfect. I love the earrings, how poignant....

  2. Sounds like you packed a full week into your Monday! Wow! Love those earrings - what a great idea...

  3. Those papers are really cool, can't wait to see what you've created! Love the bracelet and earrings. Sounds like you keep busy during the week! lol!

  4. I surely can't keep up with your pace! Maybe I spend too much time here on the computer...gotta get out and be more creative. Love the Halloween art!

  5. Terrific project and some fab buys. x

  6. I know Linda, I love these new papers and just finised a new project with them myself. I can't show it just yet but soon! Gorgeous jewelry and how cool it came from a salvaged piece of Katrina!

  7. Have to get me some of that paper. Hugs and hi to Bill and the girls.

  8. Love your bracelet and those earrings! How cool is that, recycling something from Katrina

  9. What great Halloween! It's definitely not just for kids anymore!


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