Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tim/Mario Hoodie Sighting!!!

I love reflections...sheet of glass.

What a fun filled day we had yesterday. Lots of fishing and eating fish and cleaning fish.

Mostly we released the fish. We caught several Catfish that are THE ugliest fish out there. They go right back where they came from, it's like catching a log!!!

The bass go back, too as well as the tiny little Blue Gills. But the Bass are fun to catch.

THEN one of my favorite things to do here, go to the Cold Springs Bakery!!!YEAH!

They have the greatest goodies there. We must pace ourselves for the rest of the week. That's where we had the HOODIE sighting. Going into the market there to get some supplies. Bill thought I was nuts, but he took the picture for me anyway.

What a guy!
Be well....got to watch Linda Hunt tonight in the new NCIS LA. Has to be good!

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Linda Elbourne said...

Sounds like you are having a fab time ... now where do I get me a hoodie like that one?????