Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma/Congrats ALEX!!!!!!

We had to celebrate Em's birthday early since we will be up North when she actually turns 5. Believe me, she DID NOT care!!!! Early was just fine with her.

Both girls got some presents and they played with the Barbie cash register all evening WITHOUT fighting!!!! AMAZING!!! Thank you Barbie.

Did you know, you can learn to use your credit card now with the help of Barbie? Yes, it's true. You have cash in your register, but the fastest way to get you out of the store, is with the Barbie Credit Card scanner.

A teaching toy......

And Em is in her Barbie cheerleader outfit that comes with one for Barbie just like it. A Barbie for every occasion. Wonderful.

NOW for ALEX my 15 year old grandson!!!!!! Ta-Ta-Ta-Da!!!! He passed his Eagle Scout test (2 hours long, mom was a nervous wreck) and will have his ceremony on Nov. 7th!!!!! WE ARE SOOOOO PROUD of the kid!!!!! He, and his family, have worked very, very, hard for this. That's why I had to move my class in Bloomington girls...thanks for all the help there.

I know if I ever have a medical problem out in the woods, or anywhere else without a doctor, I want this kid there....or Brit, she knows CPR, too. And he can survive in the wilderness for days!!! In an igloo.....freezing, or canoe down the river, or start a fire without matches, or text without looking....oh, that was just an added bonus.

Great job, AJ!!!!
Talked to Jess from Vintaj yesterday....some really cool things should be coming your way soon from both of us. I hate teasing, but this should be BIG TIME FUN for all of you.

Create ART.....of ALL forms!!!! (that's my motto)


Linda Elbourne said...

You must be so proud - what adorable kids and so clever too ... I am soooooooo ready for Grandchildren ... but apparently my children are n't yet ... so I will have to be patient X

Linda said...

Congratulations!! I suppose that's a good enough (okay a a really great) excuse for changing your class at Friend'z! We love you and I love the life lesson that Barbie shares. I learned so many of my traits and mannerisms from her...NOT!

See you soon!

Wanda H said...

You should be proud... that is awesome!!! The girls are beautiful... sweet pictures!!

Lisa V said...

Very sweet!! But let's get to the important stuff....what kind of cake is that??? ;)