Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Tim Idea-ology!!!!!

Sometimes I'm so easily amused. Here are some of the new t!m Holtz pieces from Idea-ology.....REALLY COOL!
LOVE the Ornate Plates. So many things come to mind. And his new Foliage pieces just seem to come together all by themselves.

The slider tin cover with the Periwinkle Blue metal was calling for just a bit more of something. And here it is!!!!

That cute little kid in the trench's me. Yeah, no legs, but a cool beret.

Undercover at such a young age.

Have a great weekend.....Create ART!


  1. Just what that tin needed. Cute pic! Love those Tim pieces.

  2. Hi Linda! Just finished a card for a challenge, came back to the computer and saw your post. This Tim stuff is really HOT!!! And you really know how to make the most of it! Another great piece. We almost have matching bonnets!!!

  3. So pretty, Linda! Are you like best buds with Tim? You always get his stuff before I can find it anywhere else, you lucky girl you!

    And, I love the picture of YOU! How fun is THAT! I mentioned you in my blog tonight (see? I'm still stalking you)

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  4. What a cute photo...
    Wonderful piece.

  5. Hi Linda!!! Haven't made it here in awhile.. life has been too, too crazy. Love this and your PID bird and well, everything you do actually :-))


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