Friday, December 5, 2008

Emma can Glitter!!!

Thanks to Lisa Pace, I can say I have passed the art of GLITTER onto the next generation....or even further! This is Emma, the youngest GD. And we made Lisa's snowman today.

It's not as elaborate as Lisa's, but a 4 year old only has the attention-span of a gnat. And she was into that jar a glitter with lightning just made me shutter to think if she had gotten the lid off before I stopped her!!!!!

Mr. Snowman went home to be in her house for Christmas. I am left to clean up the glitter and glue. But it was a great time. And this time we got PICTURES before our "aut pwodject" left the building! (art project)

That's Emma speak....we swear she lived in Brooklyn in a previous life...

Linda aka NANA


  1. How beautiful is your Grand daughter such a precious face.Im so glad to see young people doing Art Thank you for sharing art with her they are our future

  2. Yay Emma! You've got an awesome teacher in G-ma. She is a doll!!

  3. Such a fun project and a cute GD. My DD was a brooklyn tawkin goil at that age too, but she grew out of it eventually, it was fun while it lasted :)

  4. What a sweet wonderful memory for Emma, the budding artist.


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