Friday, April 25, 2008

The Latest Attempt with Vintaj

Worked for a couple of days on this it a bit haunting? The images from Paper Whimsy are vintage, and NO one smiled back then. I guess it was a forbidden thing during those times. WHY? I don't know. But this book idea came with the help of Frannie, who suggested the beads in the trim. They are on silver wire. More beads in the dangley from the ribbon, but they didn't show up too well!

Setting up the dates for another trip to see my new bff's in St. Louis! Does anyone have anything on their wish list to work on? Come on, come out of the woodwork and make some noise!!! How about my Rebels from the Corner in the Queen's Court?
Thinking embossed metal and maybe some of these great pieces from Vintaj......hmmmmmmm.....


  1. Linda--I don't care what we do--announce the dates for your St. Louis classes and I'm there. (Love the colors in the journal from yesterday's post!) Let's get inky!!! Penny :)

  2. WOW this journal is gorgeous! I love the key on it! The colors are perfect!

  3. they didnt smile because it could take upwards of 8 hours to take a photo!! eek!

    this is gorgeous (as usual!!)

  4. Amazing! I love it. Very dramatic and Gothic.

  5. Beautiful! Not a bit haunting at all. Yeh, Vintaj!!!!

  6. would love to make one of those books.....paper whimsy and vintaj looks like some fun stuff!!!!!

    just a little note from one of the rebels within the queens' court!!!

    kathy & jose'


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