Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Classes in St. Louis!!!

My partner in crime, Wendy Vecchi, and I are going to St. Louis to teach!!! They have us booked as the Dynamic Duo!! Ha..I've asked her if she's Batman or Robin?? Neither one of us wants to wear tights...eww...

It all started when Nancy from For Keep Sakes sent an email asking about my Row House class. She asked if I could teach the class in St. Louis. Well, I was REALLY thrilled, but a bit apprehensive about the's 3 hours to their shop!! And this place will soon be 6500 sq. ft. of STORE! So, being the big chicken that I am, I said "and my friend Wendy is a Ranger U instructor, and you might be interested in her teaching there, too!" The rest is history. Wendy is teaching her Techniques class in Ranger style Saturday, then comes my Row Houses class in the PM. Sunday I go first with the Fragments book, (the back is shown above) and Wendy brings it on home with her great new project using stamped Grungeboard and glass that's secret...REALLY cool! You do NOT want to miss this!!!

If you're in the area, mark your calendar and save the weekend of March 29th and 30th. The details will be on their site. We'd really love to see your little faces!!!!! Updates to follow....


  1. Holy mackarel - I wish I could be me in St Louis........

  2. I'm jealous...I want to come take those classes... :-)



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