Monday, November 13, 2017

My Garden Fairy Beauty Update

Hi everyone, it's been quite a long time between posts. I really didn't think anyone still read my blog much any more, but I had someone ask today if I'd posted this little Fairy redo here, so this is for a friend in Las Vegas.

This little statue has been my favorite for several years. She was painted with a kind of brown/taupe paint that had begun to peel, her wing broke off when an over-exuberant dog knocked her over, and her foot was gone. 

After scrubbing her up and gluing her wing back on with Heavy Body Gel, I decided to try to mold a new foot for her with paper clay. I had to wrap it more around her leg to prevent it from coming off again, but it's better than no foot at all. 

First I painted her with acrylic paint Italian Sage. Not for outdoors, but I liked the color. I'd worry about that later. Then I started to add the Blue and Green Patina Effects Pastes to various areas. I didn't cover her completely, but the base was pretty much all over color.

Then I added some of the Brown Rust Effects Paste to tone down the colors. A wash of brown also added some age.

Here you can see her new little foot and the shine of the Brass that is added last.

I didn't add the wash to the Fairy herself. Very little of the patinas were used on her skin. But her dress and cap had more color to create contrast. Check out the links for the Finnabair products from Prima.

I will seal her if she ever goes back in the garden in the Spring, but somehow I think she's found a home here in my Studio. 

She makes me smile and gives me a sense of peace.

Be well, and be good to each other,

Your Friend in ART,


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Coral-Crowned Articulated Paintbrush Doll

This lady is absolutely one of my new all-time favorites from 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery
that is featured in the new Nov/Dec Somerset Studio magazine.

 that has been painted and stamped,
with a paper clay head surrounded by twisted red wire curls.

Most of the items are available at Retro Cafe Art Gallery 
online store and I'll highlight the links as I go. The new
colors of Metalliques are just out.

I base coated the body of the doll and added stamped images 

Then I highlighted certain areas of the piece with Metallique Paints
from Finnabair's newest line.

older colors I used are Steampunk Copper and Brass Hardware

I painted the brush part with Coral Reef and the

The Brass Angel Bust fit perfect on the torso. 

The Wings are painted with the Metalliques Paints in
a sporadic pattern.

A colored Rhinestone becomes her necklace.

The Paper Clay Art Doll Mould has 26 gauge red wire used for hair, and the 
Coral Chipboard Cut Out creates a crown. 

A few Black Micro Beads are used as filler on the brush that are added with
Soft Gloss Gel, and the Baroque Gold Dresden is wrapped around the top
of the brush. (silver is shown on the link)

Add the brads and she is ready to hang up on the wall. That's what's so
cool about these Dolls, they already have a hole in the top
of the brush that lets you easily hang them anywhere.

The magazine will be on the newstands Nov.1st. The Totem Pole doll post is found here.

That's it for me. Hope you're inspired to play.

See you back here soon.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Italian Sage Relief Art Box for Inkpads

This project resulted in my breaking down and finally buying more ink pads. This time it's the Distress Oxide ones from Tim Holtz.

I have waaaaayyyyy too much "happy crap" in my Studio, and I've been TRYING to declutter and get rid of lots of it.

I wish I could figure out what to do with all the "projects" sitting on all my shelves around the place...but that's for another day.

This was a simple drawer box I picked up while on vacation in Minnesota - the one rainy day we went shopping.

I used the wonderful Iron Orchid Designs moulds and paper clay to create some dimension, then glued them on with Soft Matte Gel when they're still wet. If you've never worked with these moulds, you've got to try them. So easy, and very'll want to put them on everything. Nothing is safe!!!

 I painted the entire box with a paint I picked up that I just couldn't refuse. Like I need more paint, but this was a gorgeous Italian Sage color....need I say more.

Then I kind of got lost in the process of adding a wash of black acrylic paint and water, and using the Metallique paints to accent the edges and reliefs. The older paper clay created cracks that I really liked.

The whole reason to buy the box was to create a very minimal area on my desktop to store my new ink pads. I think it worked.

Listed below are some links to Retro Cafe Art for some of the products.

I love the contrast of the golds and the scruffy, vintage-looking background that started with a simple layer of paint.

What do you think?!?!

Your Friend in ART,

Products Used:
Acryic Paints-Black and Italian Sage
Soft Matte Gel
Crafts Direct Unfinished Drawer Box

Friday, October 6, 2017

Cherish the Children and a Chance to Help

Short and Sweet today.

This is a tag that I created using the 
Distress Oxides Inks from Tim Holtz.

I found a few of these while on vacation in Minnesota and 
decided now was the time to try something new.

Why not? They were on sale. The background was so yummy
that I really had a hard time covering it up,
BUT it had to be done.

Here's a look at the results.

I watched a couple of videos, one especially great one is from 
Thicketworks with Heather Tracy on the Graphics Fairy.

Check it out. But I also used a few different techniques of my own
to get more contrast using different inks.

I hope you enjoy the results and find time to play this weekend.

We all need to just break away from the drama of reality
and playing in my Studio is even more important today
than ever.

Now I'm off to buy candles and batteries to send to Puerto Rico by
way of Milagros C. Rivera who is desperately trying to help
her people there after the hurricane.

Sandra Evertson's post in above link tells of their need for batteries, candles,
matches and other things. A USPS Flat-Rate Box is considered US shipping.
So pack one up and send it if you can.

You can send them directly using the USPS to:
B5 Conquistador Ave.
Fajardo, PR 00738-3715

Be Well and Be Good to Each Other....
We're All We Have.


Monday, October 2, 2017

The Witchy Majestic Shrine

It's my turn to post for
Retro Cafe Art Gallery!

So I decided to create a piece showing where
Witches Make Their Stand.

This is really bright and colorful with the PaperArtsy Fresco Paints
painted on a Majestic Shrine. 

The Limelight pillars definitely catch your eye.

The oranges and purples are always what I associate with Halloween
and Witches. 

I used clear stamps and black Archival Ink on the Fresco Paints. 
They are absolutely my favorite paints to stamp on. 

Graphic45 Halloween papers from different collections are used on
different parts of the shrine.

This view shows the small clock stamp on the top of the shrine on 4 
parts, and the black Dresden colored with Copper 
Metallique Paint.

I added the Black Matboard Bats to the pillars for a bit of fun with
the fantastic vintage photo of the Witches.  Use a small wooden 
block painted black to hold the ladies in place.

I decided to change out the paper Happy Halloween paper sign for
a Flying Witch Cut-Out. 

I hope you enjoy this post and find some inspiration to create a 
fun shrine of your own. 

Let's hear what you do!

Check out the links before to shop.


 Find these products at Retro Cafe Art Gallery Store:

Other Products Used:
Fresco Paints from PaperArtsy
Graphic45 Papers
Black Archival Ink
Various Clear Stamps

Monday, September 25, 2017

Patina and Stone Birdhouse Upgrade

Time again for a blog post from the 
Finnabair Ambassadors.

This time we're showcasing the Stone Effects Pastes.

A couple of years ago Anna moved into a Irish countryside home.
She took a walk around the neighborhood to photograph the
old buildings and farmland.

This is my rendition of the old buildings she photographed along the way.
They were covered with vines, moss and wonderful patinas.

 I love using the Stone Effects and Patina Pastes on a small wooden
 birdhouse that was totally transformed into a little ancient
 church-like building. 

 First I painted the birdhouse from a craft store with a light 
acrylic paint to seal it.

Then I added Concrete Stone Effect Paste with a stencil on the sides. 
 I used the palette knife to add it all around the base and chimney.

I spread Limestone paste on the roof in a splotchy pattern. 

Layers of Patina and Rust Pastes as well as some Metallique Paints
are used on all areas of the house until it looks old and patinaed. 

The Mechanicals are painted and sprayed with Mica Powder+Water sprays 
until you get the color you want.  The stars were painted a different blue
after this photo was taken to blend in better. :)

I used 3D Matte Gel to add the stars and other embellishments. 

The wonderful thing about the Metallique Paints is the way they shimmer and 
shine when you turn them in the light. 

This is a picture of  my little house while sitting on the sun porch
with the sunset coming in the windows all around us waiting for 
the paints to dry.

I hope you enjoy this. Remember....this is is so much fun
and easier when you work on something that isn't so large that
it intimidates you....

And it's just a fun way to play with a simple little wooden house.

Check out the other Ambassador's projects on the blog 

You can do it...just play!

Your Friend in ART,

Monday, September 11, 2017

Timeless Beauty Vintage Photo Tag

This tag is everything I love.....
Vintage Photos
Metallic Paints
Embossing Folders
Large Tags
Scroll Die Cuts
Gorgeous Paper

I made it just for me, using whatever I liked, and it was great to be
 using things that had been chucked away .

No product restrictions....nothing but
 into my head.

It was great.

Not that I'm not grateful for all of the above, but sometimes 
it's just wonderful to make whatever you want without any restraints.

This starts with a large manila tag that has been run through
 an embossing machine using the Nouveau folder from Vintaj.
 (sadly it has been discontinued)

Then I added Metallique Paints and Archival Inks in many layers.

This is one of the first layers. I found I needed a lighter background, 
so lighter colors were added with more inks,
but I loved the colors in this layer.

Flowers, Beads, Mechanicals, Mica Sprays, Vintage Trim, Die Cuts,
Canvas, and Vintage Images all took their places on the tag.

This is a shot in between layers. More flowers and beads were added.

And just a note. I was thrilled and honored to be invited to the 
"Friends Helping Friends" auction to raise money for the Hurricane Harvey 
Victims. Ten Artists donated pieces and Cat Kerr posted them for bid.

I was extremely pleased to have mine sell for $150. 
 Everyone else's sold for an amazing total of almost $2600.
 One of the buyer's husband agreed to match that total! 
What a great auction it turned out to be.

Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen. 
 Cat is now under the gun of  Hurricane Irma herself. 
Be safe, my friend.

Your Friend in ART,


Friday, September 1, 2017

Two Tombstones Done and on the Blog !!!

 The last of the Tombstones is complete. 
I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get 4 done this year, but 
they came together.

These are the highlights of the last 2 and all the links.

The Angel Wings have Antique Silver Art Sugar on them and they do
sparkle nicely. 

The small bat wings are painted, as are the rest of the pieces, with
Metallique Paints. 

The Bat Wands were a last resort to give the piece a bit 
more height. 

As much as I love the Graphic45 papers, I added Tombow markers
here for brighter colors and some shadows.

This is the base before everything was added.

Products Used:
Metallique Paints-Green Olive, Coral Reefs, Crocus Fields
Liquid Gold Opaque Paint Marker
Black Glaze Pen
Heavy Body Gel
Glossy Accents
Tombow Markers

I always have to do a Tombstone with a Vintage Skeleton Cut-Out.
They creeped me out at first, but I've grown to love them.
It is what it is.

I used a variety of paints on the masonite cut-outs to achieve the 
contrasting colors I wanted.

More Products Used Here:
Clear Rhinestones
Alcohol Inks
Black Pens

I hope you've enjoyed these 2 little ATC size creations. They always are 
fun to play with to get the creative juices flowing.

There's still time to join in the Tombstone Swap going on.
So order yours and get creating!


Monday, July 31, 2017

A Tombstone Patina Witch!

Tombstone #2 coming at ya!

This one was really fun because I used the
 Patina and Rust Pastes on this project.

I started with some Stone Effects Paste Concrete that I just
slathered on with a plastic knife.

Thinking I was going to add something in the middle, I left
a clear spot in the center.

(I added the Dia De Los Muertos Cat for fun here in the picture.)

After this dried, I added some Patina and Rust Pastes.

Note the high points have the Brass Patina lightly 
brushed on.

I cut a circle of chipboard to make the vintage photo more stable
on the piece, and glued it in place with a heavy body gel.

The Spooky Trees and Word Scrolls were painted with
 the Patinas and the Steampunk Gear with some Metalliques.

I outlined the Bats, Witch Hat, and Broken Fence with 
white Sharpie pen.

The Halloween Paper Cut Word is layered onto a piece of scrap 
black matboard.

Lots of things to check out here, and so many possibilities to create.

I hope you're inspired to play. Would love to hear
your questions or thoughts. 

So get going and check out the great links below to the

Your Friend in ART, 

Products Used from RCAG:

Friday, July 21, 2017

Gothic Tombstone DOTD Fun!

Just a quick post to lead you through a really, really fun little project for

If you follow them or me, you know we love to decorate Tombstones each 
year, and sometimes have a swap. 

Each year they're cut out just a little bit differently. So here's one from 
this years design 
Gothic Tombstone ATC Bases VI.

I started with some bright Metallique colors from Finnabair - Coral Reef, 
Crocus Fields, and Lime Peel - and a Worn Screen stencil. 

When the paint is dry, add some white pen marks.

The Spider and Glasses are painted with more Metalliques. 
The Bat Wings I used were out of Black Chipboard. 
The ones shown here are Masonite. 
It's your choice when ordering.

I used the Black and White Sugar Skull Cut Outs and added lots of
color with Tombow Markers.

The Dia De Los Muertos Cats are really stunning and can be ordered on
Masonite as well.

 The Halloween Word Scroll and Arrows are decorated with
 Metalliques and Pens.  

It's all layered up and glued in place with 3D Heavy Body Gel.

These are ATC size, that is a really fun and easy size to work with, and
can be traded, or put into a stand that lets you put them on a shelf.

So get ordering and get busy. Time is wasting!

Your Friend in ART,

Products Used:
Metalliques - Lime Peel, Gold Rush, Rusty Red, Coral Reef, Crocus Fields
Tombow Markers
3D Matte Gel

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lucky Patina Bottle

This fun bottle is created in just a couple of very easy steps. 


It starts with any plain glass bottle. This one I found at a local craft shop.

I started by painting it with Heavy Black Gesso. I didn't paint the stopper
as I like how it looked all by itself. 

I mixed several colors of the Mica Flakes in a lid. Then I covered a section
of the bottle with Soft Gloss Gel. 

While the gel is still very wet, I roll the bottle in the mixture of Flakes.
Continue until the entire flat surface of the bottle is covered.

Those areas that you cannot reach are added by dropping the flakes onto
the glued section and lightly patting them down.

This is what you end up with when it dries. It doesn't have to be 
completely covered.

Now you start adding the Patina and Rust Pastes. I only used the Orange Rust
Paste here, but you can do whatever you like for results of your choice.

I added a Mechanical Label on a bit of antique chain, and it's done!

I told you it was really easy, and it can be duplicated many 
different ways.

Enjoy and Have Fun!!!

Your Friend in ART,


Monday, July 3, 2017

Waxes and Paper Clay Moulds are Amazing!

This was so much fun to make, and really, once you had it all glued onto the
plaque, it was easy to decorate.

I guess I collect wall hanging, plaques, etc, that can be altered or just
redecorated. It's a sickness. :)

This one was painted black with heavy body gesso first.

 Then I used Iron Orchid Designs moulds and paper clay to make pieces 
I glued on immediately after removing them from the moulds.

After it dries, I used Heavy Body Matte Gel to add some metal pieces,
a couple of resin keys, and Mechanicals.

Then completely cover it with Heavy Black Gesso.

After that dries, add Opal Magic, Antique Brilliance, and Metallique 
Waxes, from Finnabair, with your finger or a small brush.

I added a bit of Mica Spray to the whole piece as well and sprayed with
a sealer.

That's how simple it is.....really. The hardest part is getting it all
completely covered with the gesso!

Hope I've inspired you to play....

...and to my Fellow Americans, I hope you have a 
Safe and Happy 
4th of July!


Friday, June 30, 2017

My Paintbrush Totem Pole Doll

There's not much to tell you about techniques here. It's just basically paint, doodle, add a rubon, glue some Dresden, paint some more, wrap some beads and wire.

You just have to learn to play, and experiment with color and pens. Look for a spot of contrast and add some more color.

Black outlines the color and makes it pop! The metal piece I stuffed into the brush portion is a smashed jewelry part!  I added metallique paints for a dash of color.

But, having said that, you start with a Skinny Paintbrush Doll Kit from 
that comes with the little doll, wings, and crown.

I used a doll mold and paper clay to create the cute little face. 

The rest is up to you and your imagination. Bill thought she looked like a little Totem Pole, so that's what we're calling her. She hangs on the the wall easily using the hole in the top of the paintbrush.  Cool!

I hope you are inspired to create and play.

These are all the products and their links to the RCAG store.

Your Friend in ART,


Gold Dresden - Mini Scalloped Gold Dresden, Gold Baroque (silver shown)
Glass Beads - Licorice, Turquoise and Plum
Metallique Wax - Rich Copper
Inka Gold - Turquoise

Other products used:
Black Fine Line Sharpie 
Gold Opaque Marker
Black Gel/Glaze Pen
Rub Ons
Impasto Paints
28 gauge red wire
Chipboard Word
Jewelry Tube (smashed)