Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A 3D Articulated Santos Doll Shrine

 I fell in LOVE with Kristin's Santos Shrines the minute I saw them!
She is brilliant!!!
Check them out and make one of these for yourself at:
I think the beauty of the Santos Dolls is their simplicity of design. I so admire anyone who does simplicity well. I tried....
In short, I painted all the pieces first, stamped them up with Archival Inks, and glued it together.
The Flaming Trinket Hearts are perfect to add to the base. One comes with the option to add it to the ball chain, and the other has the smaller Chub Heart Charm front added to the Winged Heart.
The Silver Heart Lock Charm and the Silver Fleur-de-lis are tinted gold with a Sharpie Pen.

 And a bit of Inka Gold is smudged around the Hearts and Wings.
Paints are Fresco Paints from PaperArtsy.
I simply love her.
Products from Retro Cafe Art:
PaperArtsy - Fresco Acrylic Paints


  1. Linda, she is absolutely beautiful. I am loving these shrines too. You amaze me as usual :)

  2. Linda, she is wonderful!!! Yep, I have to do one now ... you enabler, you!

  3. This is so incredible cool, Linda!! I definitely feel a shopping spree coming on. I really want to make one!

  4. Simple or not, she is absolutely DIVINE! Never change what you do, it's pure magic!!! xo

  5. I work with great products and wonderful people!!!

  6. I absolutely adore her! She is gorgeous!! I've got to get mine out as soon as I finish my shrines for the swap! Working on them now! Linda, I just love love love her.

  7. Linda, honey ! I love her TOO ! ( but you MORE)
    Linda....where do we get the "parts" ?....I finally
    get to make something ( finally got my craft room set up)
    SO I want to make one, TOO...please let me know how ok? <3

    1. Just click on the links above and it'll take you to everything you need Moe. Have fun!

  8. Oh my magical Linda! You did an absolutely wonderful piece of art here! I love her! Your going to have everybody shopping!

  9. She's simply beautiful Linda, I need to make one now!

    Lin x

  10. WOW!! She is gorgeous & I love the heart locket. Got to add these art dolls to my wish list.

  11. Oh Linda, She is stunning. I love the stencils you used. So beautiful

  12. She's absolutely lovely! Such wonderful details throughout!

    I love the addition of the heart locket and the flaming heart.

  13. absolutely fabulous ...I want to make one. What stamps did you use?

  14. Stampabilities on the legs, Hot Picks 1107 and Ink and the Dog 10 for the bodice. The rest are extremely old and probably gone out of business, that's why I didn't list them.


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