Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Hodge-Podge of Photos from CHA

This is just for rhyme or reason to it at all.

Just just take it for what it's worth...entertainment.

I LOVED this project we made in Donna Downey's class!!!

It's an 8x8 canvas with Gelatos, inks, paper, stamps...oh, so much going on here!

And so happy for Candy Rosenberg's creation winning Fan's Favorite and Judge's Favorite of the show!

The detail here is over-the-top amazing...check out the bird.

Congrats to Candy!!!

Did you hear Graphic 45 had a Vintage Photo Booth???

It was so cool...hats, boas, Charee and I posed for a really fun shot.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Graphic 45 family and all their products.

Definitely the Royal Family of Paper Crafting.

Sadly I didn't get one single shot of the booth...what was wrong with me??? I was too stunned to take photos I guess.

I just gotta show you one of my favorite shots from the show with Gentleman Jim Hankins and Shelly Hickox...fellow DT members. xxx

And now for the "Shelly Show!"

Check out these fabulous projects she brought to the show.

Her Apothecary Shop on Wheels..awesome.

Her snowman project..gorgeous.

Her cards sitting amongst the new Bags from Tim.

And this one is fantastic....the fold-out Halloween box!

She's after your job Vanna!

Now, we're on to KaiserCraft...oh what beautiful projects in here.

Love the Christmas things...

And these storage still my beating heart!

More to drool over..... I didn't get a picture of my girl Melissa Kennedy, but we always have a great hug.

Be well, my friend.

This is a T-shirt with the new Fabric Paints in a pen by Tulip.

I truly loved doing this class with Judy Haeffle from Prairie Art Stamps...she is such a talented Artist.

She paints like nobody's business...

  Soooooo many possibilities here.

Then we highlighted it with glitter.

I need to do it again to do it well, but you get the idea. They are PERMANENT when dry. Not heat setting involved. Brilliant!

The Uber Talented Ania Dabrowska aka Finnabair, in front of her masterpieces in the Prima booth.
 (sorry I misspelled earlier..corrected now)
She is as sweet as she is brilliant.

The lighting in the hall makes for terrible pictures, but this is a new board with some awesome creations on it...I think Kaz and Candy C. are on here...just guessing.

A couple of more of the dresses...sorry I don't know the designer, but she got honors as well.

And one more of my faves!

These new stamp designs are hand drawn by Mario Jr. for Stamper's Anonymous.

They were on a large drafting table in the display.

And this is part of the SA booth.

This gorgeous beauty was sitting in the LeBlanche booth...I think...someone correct me if I'm wrong.

She was stunning!

Now I'll bore you with pictures of me and friends.

The ever popular Dylan Reaveley..Lady Dy!

Caesar and Gentleman Jim.

And Lynne Forsythe and I after a fun, fun day.

She's really on a go get 'em, girlfriend!!!

And last, but certainly not least, the gorgeous Lisa M. Pace.

Her class was OUTSTANDING...when I get it done, I'll post a picture.

This one is awful of me...looks just like me though, but Lisa is gorgeous here, so I had to post it. She is stunning as a redhead.

That's all I got.....let's hear it for all the talented people who worked TONs, and TONs of hours to help put this show together.

Your Friend in ART,



Judys Fabrications said...

Great pics to enjoy here.LOVE those dress forms.I have a few awaiting inspiration to embelluish them!I think I'll be doing a fabric version of that purple pic.I am mostly a fabric enthusiast, but working more and more in paper.

Candy C said...

Love your pics, Linda. It looks like you had a fantastic time. I love Candy's dress she took top honors for! That was so great for her! Shelly's creations are amazing! That girl is so talented! Love Finnabar's work, too. Now THAT girl is phenomenal. Oh my much talent in one place! I bet you came back with all sorts of wonderful ideas. Thanks so much for sharing your great pictures and comments about your visit to CHA! I wish I could have been there! <3 Candy

inkypinkycraft said...

Wow some wonderful things !!! And so much talent..just wish could have been a fly on the wall! Wow trace x

Marijke said...

fabulous creations, love them

Bella said...

Thanks for your tour of CHA, lovely to see all the peeps and projects up close. Makes me feel like I was there.

Helen said...

Thank you for sharing these!

Kaz said...

Aww Linda your time at CHA looks sooo fabulous, I soooo wish I could of gone....Thanks for all the photos, the updates its been so infectious xx


Karen Conner said...

I'm so glad your having a blast! Love seeing your photos. Puts a BIG smile on my face. Maybe one day I'll get to go. Take care!

Rachel Greig said...

Great wrap up! So glad you had a great time there :) Love the photos!

Marjie Kemper said...

Fab pics, Linda.. thanks for sharing! The dressed look AMAZING!

Jen Crossley said...

Looks amazing one day I want to go to CHA its on my bucket list

Yours Artfully said...

Wow Linda, sounds like you had an action packed, fun filled trip!!! I love your project that you made in Donna's class, it's gorgeous! You got to meet soooo many people wonderful.

Lin x

Wanda H said...

Enjoyed seeing all the pics, Linda!!! The canvas is gorgeous!!!! Had to be a fab class!!!

Lynn Stevens said...

What a fantastic show. Someday I hope to make it to CHA. sigh.......Great photos, you must have had a wonderful time!
hugs Lynn

Shelly Hickox said...

You are so sweet to feature my stuff!! I had such a great time meeting and getting to know you. There is just never enough time at things like this tho! I wish we lived closer. It's so fun reliving the show thru your pics - I'm ready to go back!