Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vintaj and the Melting Pot Results

First of all, let me just state, that I am NOT a good beader. I dabble. This is very hard work for me and I must have taken this thing apart at LEAST a dozen times.

I NEED to take Jess's Class with Lynne next Spring. We're going to do our best to get there. A whole lot closer for me than Lynne.

Jess's video is here...check it out, it's AMAZING!  It's how I learned to make these pieces at CHA!

Hope you checked out her very cool necklace she made with her new Vintaj cache.

So having said that, this is what kept me up until after Midnight last night, and then I had to tear it apart again this morning and add some more jump rings.

And I took the chance on really messing it up by adding some twirled wire into the UTEE. Could have definitely ruined it so easily, but the Melt Art gods were with me and it worked out.

THEN I remembered the fantastic sanding tool, the Metal Reliefing Block from Vintaj There is nothing on the market like it. Worth it's weight in GOLD.

Had to sand to accent the antique brass pieces on both of these to really make it SHINE!

The buffing really made a difference in the Floret

 I've always loved the combination of turquoise and brown. So the 2 colors work here nicely.

Your really cannot appreciate the gorgeous colors of the Embossing Powders here. The metallics are so pretty with the brass and Verdigris.

That's it for awhile for me............I'm retiring to the sun porch to read the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lack.

Emma had a sleepover...she woke me up at 5:15am...after I got to bed about 1am. I'll probably last about 20 minutes before a nap comes my way...

Have a great week!



  1. They look just great! Enjoy your nap!

  2. I can feel you holding your breath, cussing a wee bit but also doing a very well deserved tribal dance when it was all done. They are fabulous with perfect proportions of metal, transparency and detail. I think you have Lynne are in for the long haul with this one. Enjoy the thrill of new discoveries!

  3. {happy sigh} Oh Linda! (that's all I can think to say. The gorgeousness took my words away.

  4. i think it's just beautiful!!!
    enjoy your nap!!

  5. Amazing pieces Linda and well worth the work as the finished results are just stunning.

    Toni xx

  6. I think you did a great beading job. I wish I had the funds to do more jewelry work, and some place to be able to wear it. Dropping off and picking up kids from school just doesn't warrant fancy jewelry like that, LOL!

  7. GOSH LINDA!! that looks amazing! and you 're telling me you're not a beader? you are so talented my fren .. and have a great eye for assembling just the correct combination of pretties. these are beautiful! (now i know why you spent 1.5 hours in the bead shop ;)

  8. Blogger has really gotten stupid when it comes to letting people add comments! You have to jump through hoops! Or uncheck the "keep me signed in" box for other google accounts...Stupid!

  9. OHHHHHHHHHH my friend your ASSEMBLAGE is FANTABULOUS!! I am looking forward to playing with my melting pot and Vintaj Tuesday!! Woke up this am designing a necklace....just hope it comes out as wonderful as it looked in my dream.....and GIRL WE HAVE A DATE!!!

  10. Gorgeous! Hope you have someplace special planned to go where you can wear these beautiful works of art!

  11. Linda, these necklaces you created are beautiful! I totally love them! LOVE LOVE the colors you created on the pendants. The added beading and metal pieces are such a perfect combination! Don't tell anyone you're not a could have fooled me! These are exquisite! <3 Candy

  12. Gorgeous...can you bring these Saturday? Would love to see them in person, and should I bring my melting pot???? lol!

  13. Both are totally beautiful!!!!

  14. these are just stunning Linda! what gorgeous pieces! always love seeing your creations here!

  15. Gorgeous pieces, Linda. I have not had a chance to try that yet, but am looking forward to it. Your work is beautiful.


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