Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm so lovin' these colors in this.............. is a peek at one of the fall classes coming up.

I really love the combination of these colors!!!

The die cut flowers from various materials are so fun to stamp on.

And you cannot beat the gorgeous papers from Graphic 45....oh, yeah!

It's a whole lot cooler here today. Clouds in the sky making it overcast, which is fine with me.

Went to the see Alex in "The Music Man" yesterday in Moline and enjoyed a sold out performance. Great fun and had lunch with SIL and Rudy's Enchiladas for late dinner.

Riding around the Quad Cities,  we remembered certain buildings and areas from childhood and early adulthood.

Bare-Butt Beach where the Rapid City River Rats (my husband) spent summer days.

Sunset Marina where I boated with friends.

The Hennepin Canal and Steel Dam where we fished as kids.

Downtown Rock Island where we sandbagged during the '65 flood.

The Centennial Bridge where my dad took the 1st toll, (wish I had that picture that was in the paper).

Petersen-Harden-Von Mar's old building where they had gorgeous Christmas windows full of miniature scenes.

The Roller Dams at the Government Bridge that have churned for decades.

The Davenport grain bin that blew up years ago and could be heard for miles .

River Road and KSTT studios where you could see "Spike at the Mike" broadcasting live in his studio.

The Wonder Bread factory....and the smell of fresh bread!

East Davenport and the Firehouse from John Bald's painting with kids sledding in the park.

The fantastic manors along river drive on the hills.........huge homes overlooking the River.

The Le Claire locks and backwater where we spent many, many a lazy afternoon on our boat with the kids swimming and skiing on the River.

Green Gables and River Road, the Le Claire Drystack where we watched our boat hundreds of times get set in the drystack after the lift took it out of the water.

Over the bridge and many times have we driven that drive back and forth over 25 years?

Time REALLY does fly. Good times.

Linda and Bill


misteejay said...

Oh how lovely to wander around seeing things that bring back such fond memories.

Toni xx

Charlene E. said...

I have lived in the Quad Cities all my life, ok I did live in Ohio for about 6 years in my 20's. But I don't remember but a few of your fond memories. I remember the tolls on the Centennial (my grandpa installed the lights on that bridge), Sunset Marina, the Hennepin Canal, lived very near it as a kid. The Steel Dam, I "parked" there once, LOL! Spike at the Mike but he was on KOOL FM, when I remember him. This is a great place to have grown up. And does Mexican food get any better than Rudy's? There's one opening up just up the road from me very soon. I know what will be for dinner on quite a few nights of the week.