Monday, July 4, 2011

A "Little" Bit of Fun - UPDATE

UPDATE: For those of you who asked....THIS IS the stamp set the Girls and Girls Rule is in the set. I used the wood mounted stamp so I don't know if they're the same size or not. 

I must admit, I hadn't used Shrink Plastic in years. And back then, it was with the kids and in an oven. 

But I had to try it again for fun. And this time it was so much different.  NOW it's so easy with the Heat It tool from Ranger!!!

Yes, I got a new one..burnt mine up. My own fault. When they say "keep it 2 inches away from the project" especially....METAL, (duh) they mean it.

This stuff REALLY shrinks. I mean big time.

I used Claudine's Gesso on the Plastic first. Then stamped with Jet Black Archival Ink.

Trim and heat. The idea to use a white background came from my brilliant friend Lin Brown of LB Crafts in England. She made her charm bracelet using Fresco Finishes for her background. Check it out for sure!

Anyway, the white gesso makes for a bright charm.  Then I used Distress Inks swiped on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet and a brush to color in.  Also some Tombow markers for added color.

See how much it shrinks! Cool, heh??? (Love ya Lori, you know who your are)

The 2 hole punch or Drill Punch from Tim makes great holes after the shrinking. Cuts like "butta."

 I colored the front of this one with Distress Inks and a brush. I used the ATC stamp from here.

Here's the back of the ATC charm  with Distress Stains swiped randomly across it.  Wild Honey and Vintage Photo blended with a rag...color changes over the white gesso.LOVE THEM!!!!! I used the Cropadile to punch before heating with the larger hole.

So that's it for today. Reading a new Michael Connelly book...actually and old one, on the Sunporch while the neighbor, who apparently has blown out the muffler on his lawn mower rattles the metal plaques on my Studio wall.

 And the construction guys 2 blocks over reroofing the park building blast their music from their truck with only the bass hitting my's like a cacophony of unwanted sound today.

Time for earplugs or my own noise to create a better atmosphere here!

Fireworks would be more welcome. Ha!

Have a safe and happy holiday.



Nancy Maxwell James said...

these are amazing! I have never ever worked with shrinky dink plastic...always wanted to...your art is inspiring! Hope you have a happy 4th!

Pam said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I have the shrink plastic, but never think about using it for some reason. Now I gotta play! Happy Fouth of July, Linda!

Candy C said...

Very cool shrinking Linda! I LOVE this stuff!! It's so addicting. On my current Simon Says piece, I used the weathered clock die cut and shrunk it down then dabbed it with a gold paint dabber to make a tiara for my steampunk diva. The die cuts are fun to shrink, too! I've got to try the white background then stamp! Great idea!!!

Netty said...

The shrink plastics are great but am totally in love with the first piece, loving the stamp and the whole project. x

misteejay said...

The stamp on that first piece is stunning - lovely work.

Hope you had a good 4th July.

Toni xx

thekolbes said...


ellen vargo said...

Hi Linda - Loving your shrink art - and now you've given me a good reason to get that drill punch... managed to avoid it til now... but if it goes through shrink plastic without shattering it... sold! Thanks! Hope you found some peace & quiet... I hate unwanted noise... Happy 4th!

Ellen xx

Elaine A said...

Hi Linda -

I love shrink plastic! I usually punch my hole before I shrink it though - LOL! I use colored pencils to color my pieces. I've never tried the gesso, will have to give it a go. Especially when I see how sweet your piece turned out!

Elaine Allen

Kathy Eddy said...

Great stuff Linda. I was playing with Shrink Plastic today for a while too.

SusanK said...

Very, very cool! Lots of ideas to many out there it's easy to forget about some.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

I love shrink plastic and use it quite frequently. Love your project and your shrink pieces. Inspirational blog Tracy x

Lori said...

LOVE it! Isn't that stuff fun??? lol!

2amscrapper said...

I really like this!

Shelly Hickox said...

Very cool! I have some of that lying around, but never think about using it. I might have to experiment this weekend!