Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I've Been a Bad Blogger

OK, I haven't posted much lately. Busy working on some CHA stuff. Waiting for a package that hasn't gotten here yet, and I'm getting a bit edgy about that.

So, anyway, if you haven't already been there.........go to TIM'S blog and see all the new dies he has put up to show you.

Can this be any more fun???? I LOVE this Umbrella Man....and hope to put some glue to his little body sometime soon.

And the HOUSES!!!! OMG!!! Are they right up my everlasting alley or what?????

Go take a look and start saving your pennies.....I'm just sayin'.



  1. So Linda, where you demoing at CHA? Shall I stop by and say hi???

  2. They are ALL flippin' fantastic aren't they!!!

  3. Have fun at CHA! These dies are amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on them!

  4. CHA is busy time isn't it. I'm loving the new Tim stuff too. Here goes some serious shopping when they are available.

  5. When I those house dies on Tim's blog..I was like "Oh my gosh! FINALLY someone has done some house dies aren't "cute". I LOVE THEM and there is so much you can do with them! I love all of his new dies! I can't wait to see what all you guys come up with for CHA using all of Tim's new and AMAZING stuff! :)

  6. just so you know, i really like your blog, even if you miss a day here and there!! keep up the good work and thank you.

  7. Good thing the releases are staged or else we'd all be in the poorhouse on day 1!

  8. I'm not proud, but I am the queen of bad blogging. I mean I have been the worst, hands down. I really, really hope to be much better this year. I don't know what my problem is cuz when I make time to visit folks and make time to blog myself, I'm always so happy I did and think "why didn't I do this sooner?" So, my dear lady, you having nothing on me there.

    I so would love to see you at CHA but I don't know how to get myself in. I live nearby and am just salivating at that but they make it so difficult to get in - don't think I can pass their rigorous hoop jumping process. So, wave at me when you get here!

    Loved seeing the pictures of your gorgeous family below! Looks like you had a beautiful Holiday with them!

    Happy New year and may all of your wishes come true!

  9. You are so right about these wonderful new dies and loving some of the others as well. So exciting Linda. Annette x

  10. and...YOU are NOT sharing your ART toys either! Waiting on the reveal...remember, you "glued"...

  11. The umbrella man is on my list of must haves!


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