Friday, September 10, 2010

Let me just start...... congratulating my dear friend and DT colleague, Lin Brown, from LB Crafts in the UK for scoring BIG by getting "the master" (as he's known around here) to come and teach at her store!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! You guys will have soooooooooooo much fun. Keep oxygen close at hand for Linda.

I used to stand for hours (literally) and watch him demo at CHA. I felt somewhat like a stalker. Why would you spend your valuable time at CHA watching other things, when you could watch the person that really did what "rocked your boat" the very the grasshopper watched the master.
(I am the grasshopper.)

I still am always amazed at what he comes up with, and what he does to utilize the products he has asked to be created for a certain purpose.

So, it was kinda fun to know that I was working on a pin, that's inspired by my friend Lin, to wear to class tomorrow. This is what I came up with. If you want a great tutorial on how they put theirs together OVER there. Check out her site above.

This is with a Touch of Tim:
Texture Fades - Cracked, Collage and Dot Matrix
BigZ Die - Gingerbread, Tattered Florals
Idea-ology - Grungeboard, Grungepaper and Foliage

Other Ranger Products:
Alcohol Inks and Wonder Tape

Metal by - Ten Seconds Studio- Barn Red, Bronze Gold
The clock face is from Small Studio Productions

Here's another shot from a different angle. The Bronze Gold is MUCH prettier in person. It looks flat here, but it's not. Metal is very difficult to photograph well.

Looking at the post now, I probably should have taken the shot on black paper, instead of the clock face and learn.

AND, here is a really wonderful new product from Gary Strunk! He creates these gorgeous pieces cut from real wood and a marbled acrylic. Now he's working on a pen that you can alter yourself. Won't that be fun? Stay tuned for more on this subject.

That's it for tonight. Tomorrow we have a FULL HOUSE at Prairie Art Stamps and we are gonna ROCK! Door Prizes and Fun!

Have a Great weekend...


  1. I know, our English friends are peeing their pants right! Exciting stuff!
    Your pin is gorgeous, love all that metal.
    Have fun in class tomorrow, should be a riot!

  2. Hey, Lori - some of us have control you know. Peeing my pants indeed. Well, only a little hee hee. Can't wait for Monday night to get my name down.
    Love your pin, it's drop dead gorgeous. Have a great class.

  3. oh so wish I could go, No one ever comes to Idaho! Awesome pin and have a blast tomorrow!!

  4. FABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB project, simply fab.

    Oooh, must look in to dates etc, being in the UK, and with full control of my pants (at the moment anway)!!!!


  5. I hope you know what you 've started ... I shall be doing my "Grass Hopper ... you are young but you will learn" impression all day! Have a great class and I LOVE that pin!

  6. The pin is oh so cool! And I know Spfld will be jumping since you're in town. And now that my nephew's soccer game is a no-go I could have been in class. Sigh. Have fun!

  7. Ooh that flower is out of this world. x

  8. Hi Linda,

    My name is Anja and i live in Sweden. Im scrapbooking for no more than an year and your blog is one of my constant inspiration sources, so i have it in my blogroll :).
    Congratulations for your beautiful scrapworks!
    I have a prize for you, called "I love your blog". Its just a symbolic one and i do hope you will enjoy it.
    Details on my blog: (in the english part of the article).


    PS Im sorry, i became a follower twice, can this be fixed somehow?

  9. Amen to that Linda, almost makes me wish I was living in England (but, no, California weather is far more my speed :)

    I too have spent some time 'stalking' Tim at CHA and Carson RSC, it's great to see 'The Master' in action, is it not?? Not just for the creative things he does, but for the hilarious stories he tells too - just as long as they're stories about someone else ...

    Love seeing what you're up to as well, always inspiring.

  10. Linda I AM SO EXCITED cos I AM going to Tim's Class in February.... boy like you say what he does ROCKS MY BOAT too..... now it would be cool if you were able to fly over too, well actually it would be amazing.... roll on February I say!!!!

    and yes I think I did pee my pants when I got an e mail this morning to say that my order was COMPLETE!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!


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