Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Beautiful Day on Horseshoe Lake

It was a gorgeous day!!!! And we slept like logs. Didn't have to get up at 4 AM today...YAY!!!!

I think tomorrow might not be quite so nice, so it might be a SHOPPING DAY....I mean what else can you do????

Crafts Direct is calling my name!!!!!
This was a pretty shot of one of the docks. That's not our boat, I just liked the overhanging branch that had changing leaves.

This is the big stinking catfish Bill caught. He got off the hook when he brought him in and was flopping around all over the boat. Another catch and release for him!!!!

We caught enough Blue Gills for dinner tomorrow. But the rest went back into the lake. I got to lay in the sun and read my book...the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo when they weren't biting. A lovely lazy day.

Pizza and beer for dinner, and then coffee and sugar cookies from the bakery on the deck afterwards. All in all a fun day.

Hoping you're all well.....and I'm going to play with some ink and paper! I brought a few things to play with up in my dormer room overlooking the lake.


  1. What a lovely place to gor for a holiday. Enjoy!!

  2. Looks like you are having a fabulous break . . . . perfect with crafting thrown in for good measure - save me a cookie!


  3. Wow, pizza/beer followed by coffee/cookies sounds great, but a total recipe for major heartburn is it that that gets worse with age??? lol! Looks like you and your hoodie are having a mavalous time, keep up the good work!!! lol!

  4. I think you're having way too much fun up there! Love the pics - so serene, colorful, a perfect way to end summer.

  5. Enjoy your vacation. I am reading that same book. It is hard to put down. I already have the next book waiting.

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  7. What a great relaxing time! It's so nice to getaway for a bit of that!

  8. This looks so relaxing .......


  9. Well I'm so jealous of the time to just relax but glad you're having a wonderful time. I made the big mistake of starting to clean the office yesterday. Two 33 gallon garbage bags later I'm still at. Finished for the night however.

    We should plan a Galena weekend or long trip to Door County sometime with the guys. Gary would love to get away, somewhere where I have no projects for him!!! Ha!

  10. Oo Linda, I feel like I've been neglecting you. Just popped over here to see what your up to and there's a ton of posts that I've missed. It looks like you are having a fabulous time but who wouldn't with that location, that cabin looks divine, wish I was there with you!!! Have fun shopping.

    Lin x

  11. Oh the peace and quiet.....what a beautiful place and I love the Hoodie...giggle! Gonna get me one of those...Have a wonderful vacation.....!Judy


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