Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just Have to Share This Picture

Best Buds.....

Is this cute or what???????????/ Erin and Shadow. She's playing the piano, and he's just content to sit and listen. Ya gotta LOVE it!!!!

These 2 are so fun to watch. He's definitely HER dog.

We have been working our @^#%'s off in the yard this week. Trimming trees, breaking up perennials, planting annuals, seeds, and putting down Black Forrest Mulch. I really like this stuff. But I AM BEAT!!!
Tomorrow is a day to just sit and look at what we've accomplished, swing on the yard swing, drink coffee in the sunshine and enjoy the birds.
Sooooo many birds this year. Many I've never heard before. And gorgeous Goldfinches flitting through the trees.
Be Well, and Stop to Smell the Roses!


Lori said...

I totally hear you about the back breaking work, I bought one of those old hand cultivators at an auction this weekend, for the strawberry beds. Seems like everything is about 2 weeks ahead this year, along with the weeds!!! lol Your pics are so cute!

Deb Smith said...

Absolutely love the pictures. One of these days I have to get my blog going so I can share photos taken with my NEW CAMERA!!

2amscrapper said...

Great photos. Looks like another moment to be scrapped.

Wanda H said...

That is a very sweet picture!!! Erin is very pretty.. better watch out for the boys :-)) Your scrapbook page in the last post is very nice... love the flowers and all the white details. Yardwork... just not my favorite thing to do at all!!!! However, we are making great progress on our addition... it's getting close... so close!!!

francine said...

I recently found your site and I LOVE it So much to see and a real inspiration for me as I just started one myself.
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Jen Crossley said...

How gorgeous is this girl so beautiful and her puppy