Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just In....and an Updated Headed

Got an email from Judy....and there's only 2 seats left at Prairie Art Stamps for Saturday's class. Come and join us!

NO, it's not going to snow!!!! It's a just a bad rumor!!!!

Tomorrow I think we might have a new post of a Creative Imaginations project. Cross you fingers.....we'll see.


Updated the blog or dislike?


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  2. Oh no, I miss the houses. Oh no. This one is nice but I absolutely loved the houses.

  3. Whoa, I think you got a funky comment up there. Love the header, but honestly, and I'm not being critical or anything, ok, maybe I am, but the font color doesn't pop out much. I'm not sure what color would be better though. I was going to sign up for the class on Sat, but I was afraid the weather would be screwy, which sounds like a possibility. Besides, now that I know you're coming to the Quads, takes the pressure off. he he Although I do love the gals and that store!

  4. Love the new blog header. Hope it doesn't snow too much, I'll have to ski to Springfield! Looking forward to the class..see you Saturday!

  5. The new blog header is beautiful! Unfortunately I can't take the class b/c it's Chocolate Fantasy weekend here in Monticello. I won my tix and don't want to give them up. Maybe next time!?!?!?

  6. Wish I could come and hang out in your class....bit of a long swim for me though!!!! Loving the new header to the thinks I may have seen that somewhere before....tee hee!!!!

    Take care, Lin x

  7. Love seeing the beautiful colors close-up. Love the houses also. Your headers make me stop, look and look some more. Eye candy for the "artsey fartsey" in me. THANKS!!

    Penny in Missouri


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