Monday, January 4, 2010

Hi, everyone!!!!! Lots of water, or ice, has gone under the bridge since I last blogged.

Lori Hassler won a great prize from Tim...go and look at her blog. She's been in my class with her sister. What a pair. We had a BLAST. And their table was a real treat!!!! VERY talented group, the lot of them!!!!!

Brittany, the granddaughter, is in her 1st year of college. So, we, Poppie and I, have given her a little incentive to do well by sending a bit of moolah for books!

MAN are they expensive!!!!!!!!

Brit has been known to throw herself, literally, on the floor, sobbing, because a card came from me with a BAR CODE!!!! (meaning it was store bought and not handmade...) Can you believe she's an Art and Drama person?????? She was going for affect, not reality.

So, today, not wanting her to cry on the kitchen floor, I made her a HANDMADE card. And enclosed behind the little box handle, a little check.

She is such a talented photographer and artist. You know how they can be????

The papers here were Creative Imaginations, with a touch of Basic Grey. Rhinestones from Prima, Stamper's Anonymous Stamps from Tim Holtz and Studio 490, and a fold out card from Lasting Impressions.



Lori said...

Well, you've done it again! Beautiful card! Sobbing on the floor, really?? Well, I'm sure she'll be pleased with this one. Thanks for the congrats, I still have my head in the clouds a bit!!

Etta said...

Beautiful card, as are all of your wears! Thanks for sharing.

Hels said...

Looove the combo of papers and stamps...tis FABBEROONY as ever know, I pop in here for a few mins ... end up staying an hour...past my bedtime ... so I blame you entirely for me looking like a little piglet in the morning ROFL...thanks for sharing you amazing art....bless ya xx