Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Star - Other Side!

Since I don't seem to be getting anything else accomplished...as in making books...I decided to put the harder, shinier metal on the back of the star from yesterday. This is 36g and the other is 40g from Ten Seconds Studio, the higher the gauge, the softer the metal. This strip is the Aluminum, it also comes in copper. (Someone correct me please if this is wrong.) So, since this is harder, it requires more pressure, and a bit more work to accomplish a piece, in my opinion. But, this was done with one tool, and one mold for the middle. The rest is doodles.

We will be using the 40g colored metal in the class, but I will demo this gauge also. I have my favorite, but what do you guys like the best? Come on...post a comment...it doesn't hurt at all...REALLY. They also have pink, brown, moss green and red in the soft metal. My fave, of course, is black.

A few pieces of Grungeboard, a couple of stamps, one of the great pieces of Idea-ology from Mr. Holtz, a couple of brads, and that's the star of the evening!

Did I ever tell you guys that my maiden name is Holtzer, so my nickname is Holtz. Maybe we're distant cousins somehow.........or something.............NAH!


  1. WOW this is stunning! I love all the elements together! You are have me half way to store to get the ten seconds studio stuff! I love the look of it! I bet the feel is great too!

  2. Another masterpiece!
    You REALLY are the queen of metal & doodling!

  3. Love it! Maybe bring it to St. Louis in September? Hint! Hint!
    Another great piece Linda. Can't wait to see what else you will create!
    Penny in Missouri

  4. Oh, it will come to St. Louis in Sept. for sure! And lots of other stuff, too.
    Thanks Penny!

  5. whoa...what a stunning piece of art Linda!!

  6. what fun........can't wait to play in september....

    one of the queen's royal court,
    kathy & jose

  7. What a fabulous look! I love it (and thanks too for coming by my blog!!) I'll be back.


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