Saturday, March 15, 2008

Before and After

The other day I uploaded a door prize (BEFORE). Today is the picture of the (AFTER). This is and example of what you can do with the white pens and black gel glaze pens. Personally...I like the after picture. It adds another dimension to the project. I've been doodling for decades...really makes me old! But that's what used to get me into trouble when I was an operator "at the board." I worked evening shifts to be with my baby daughter during the day, and so sometimes things were pretty boring!! But you could not talk to your fellow to make the time go faster I would doodle on all of their scrap paper. Supervisors were not real fond of this habit, nor my chewing gum, as I recall.
Just a little bit of historic trivia!

Winter hit again....snowing now....but yesterday we worked in the yard!
What a difference a day makes.


  1. It did really jazz up the card!! Beautiful!!

  2. Linda, I'm tagging you. :-) Check out my blog for the details.

    The card's beautiful, and I do like the added details -- makes it pop!


  3. Wowzers, what a little white pen can do in your hand!

  4. Linda, I love the after too! What an amazing difference! I feel the same way with stitching on my projects - if it doesn't have stitching (and ink) it looks a little bland...thanks for sharing!

  5. Great composition. Fun project. Wish I could be there. Hugs

  6. What a differance a doodle makes! Beautiful!


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