Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Car in Town

Not every day can be about me! Yesterday we bought my DH a new car...doesn't he look ecstatic!!! LOVES to have his picture taken. This really is a smile!!! HA! Or a "come on, SMILE" me your teeth!!! Ya gotta love a man who will let you take his picture with his car even when he hates it...that's my Bill.
Whatever makes me happy...


  1. Nice card! WHAT no snow- I'm in WI and we a ton of snow on the ground!

  2. Nice car!! And I have a question about the architecture of the house behind your DH... see how the top part of the house sticks out further than the bottom (the basement?) I'm curious to know why that is. I saw it often when I was in the States, but didn't remember to ask anyone about it. I've never seen it before. It must have something to do with the weather??

  3. Love it when your family makes it into your blogs. He really does look thrilled...about how I imagine mine would look if I made him pose for a picture for my blog.
    It did bring a smile to my face though:).
    Valonda L.

  4. Nice car, nice to see your dh, nice looking street you live on, love the houses in bg

  5. Love the car! I really do like it when husbands actually make it into the blogs. I notice kids and grandkids do often but not so much the hubby's-not just your blog but in general. I wanted to comment to Rachel about her question about the house. There are houses like that in our neighborhood too. It really is just a style-nothing to do with the weather although I can see why you would think that. They are called a split level or tri level depending. We live in a split level that is also called a bi-level (two levels) and obviously the tri split levels have 3 levels. Sometimes one level is a sunken living room then the basement another then the upstairs. But that can vary. I would have emailed you directly but didn't have your addy. Hope you don't mind Linda!

  6. Nice car! Love the colour.....


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