Friday, October 12, 2007

Seven is a Magic Number

Worked most of the day on this one! The top is Ten Second Studio metal, embossing plates, and tools then alcohol inks to color. Turned out better than I anticipated. My favorite brother-in-law is the child in the picture with his siblings about 1926 era. The point didn't please me, struggled with it all afternoon, then finally figured it needed a background to bring it forward! That did it for me! Hope everyone enjoys looking....only 3 more to go!! WHOO! WHOO!!


  1. Love thins Linda! You're SO talented!!

  2. Thanks so much for looking!!!

  3. Now this is my favorite..but then so was #6, and #5 and #4 & so on. This will be WAY COOL wall art! Keep it going!! LOVE the metal work.

  4. WOW this is just so beautiful Im speechless!!!
    Jen Crossley

  5. Takes a bit to make Jen speechess LOL.

    I have to agree this is just divine! They just get better and better....


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